Monday, May 27, 2013

Paris Sparkles Election Day ~ Perfect for Memorial Day

Surprise!  Did I shock you with my appearance?  

Today, I have brought you a polish perfect for holidays such as Memorial Day.  Paris Sparkles Election Day. This one turned out better than I had anticipated after seeing swatches online!  I am happy to see that I got a reformulated version.  I really like this polish and am so glad I chose it.  I have nothing like it and there are many possibilities with it.
I swatched this three different ways so you could see the variances based on what you decided to do for undies.  I think the thumb is my favorite but I imagine this polish would make a great jelly sandwich, too.

Per the Paris Sparkles etsy store, this is a "white base with beautiful holographic glitter and tiny blue and red hex glitters" and needs no base or top coat or undies.  Take a look at my pictures and judge for yourself.

I used Seche Base on all nails, various undies as noted below, varying layers of Election Day, Out the Door top coat on all nails.  These were all taken outdoors.  Pardon the "claw hand".  I don't like those images and I don't want to do them but when I've done such varying swatches on the same hand, it may be a good idea to do a claw hand so you can see it all at once.
  • Pinkie Finger: no undies, three thin coats of Election Day
  • Ring Finger: same as pinkie finger but attempted to make less jelly sandwich
  • Middle Finger: two thin coats of OPI Don't Touch My Tutu, two thin coats of Election Day
  • Index Finger: three thin coats of OPI Don't Touch My Tutu, one thin coat of Election Day
  • Thumb: two thin coats of a Color Club white stamping polish, one thin coat of Election Day

You can visit Stacy's store, parissparkles, here.  I hope you have enjoyed the post.  Not until last night did I realize other bloggers only swatched one hand for their blogs.  Maybe that was why I felt like it was a tiring process. I thought it would look odd if I ran to the store, for example, and only one hand was complete. I am new to blogging; can you tell?!

Feel free to give me your input, via comment or email.  Should I have jumps for my posts?  Are the photos too large?  Do you prefer to click on them to make them larger?  Are my posts too long?  Should I make the photos smaller and more compact?  Do you like the collages?  Do you think I need less or more photos or are there just enough?  Do you prefer darker backgrounds?  Would you like photos taken indoors with indirect sunlight instead of outdoors?  I have an awesome camera but am a newbie to the features so future posts may be some playing around with different settings, backgrounds, locations.  Hope you all don't mind being guinea pigs!

Have a safe, happy Memorial Day! 

Disclosure: Election Day was sold to me by Paris Sparkles at a discounted price for review. All of the opinions in this review are completely my own.

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